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With advanced technology and extended training in oral appliance therapy, Drs. Steven and Michelle Okamoto provide sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment in Torrance, CA. Sleep apnea is a dangerous problem for many Americans, only a small percentage of which seek treatment for their loud snoring and disruptive sleep issues. With an oral appliance, however, Drs. Okamoto can make treatment more comfortable and convenient for their patients.

Dr. Steven Okamoto is the sole provider of sleep apnea treatment for Kaiser Permanente patients in the greater Los Angeles area. Our office welcomes these patients to experience the difference that oral appliance therapy can make on their lives and wellbeing.

The Health Drawbacks of Sleep Apnea: Why Treatment is Essential

Sleep apnea sufferers cannot achieve deep, restful sleep through the course of a night.  For those with OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) the airway collapses, preventing breathing and causing choking and gasping, which startles patients out of deep sleep cycles. In severe cases of OSA, this pattern of stalled and abruptly re-started breathing can occur hundreds of times a night.

The health risks for sufferers are many and include high blood pressure due to poorly oxygenated blood, weight gain, and heart attack. For middle-aged patients, the chance of developing these serious health issues is significant. With attention from qualified health professionals, symptoms can be alleviated and patients can enjoy the health and wellness benefits that come with better quality sleep on a consistent basis.

Therapy for Obstructive Sleep Apnea & At-Home Sleep Testing

Traditional diagnosis involves sleeping in a laboratory setting so that physicians may study collected sleep data.  Even more inconvenient, the usual treatment is a bulky CPAP machine, with full face mask hooked up to hoses. Dr. Okamoto’s sleep apnea treatment and testing methods aim to bring patients the best technology and the most convenient manner of confirming and treating your condition.

Home Sleep Testing: Our ARES diagnosing system is a vast improvement on traditional diagnosing methods.  Patients can have their sleep data collected while in the comfort of their own beds. ARES is a wireless device that is worn on the forehead and is small enough to accommodate any sleep position. Your sleep data is recorded in your normal sleeping environment and sent to your physician to be analyzed for treatment. ARES at our office is also complimentary, compared to costly laboratory sleep studies.

Oral Appliance Therapy: Most importantly, Dr. Okamoto’s treatment does away with the CPAP machine. Instead, patients are given an oral appliance, or snore guard, by SomnoMed® which keeps the tongue and jaw in place and maintains open airways for peaceful breathing.

It is possible to diagnose your sleep apnea without expensive overnight lab visits and to treat it without wearing a cumbersome mask at night.

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