Periodontal Disease Treatment 

Gum health is a significant part of oral health, as well as smile aesthetics.  At our Torrance dental office, we provide therapy for periodontal disease to ensure that your smile is healthy and attractive. While damaged or diseased gum tissue can pull back from teeth, weaken bone, and make teeth look long, effective care for and management of periodontal disease ensures improved overall dental health and the strength of your smile for years to come.

How We Battle Gum DiseasePeriodontal Disease Treatment

The first line of defense against periodontitis and its many complications is a good oral health regimen and twice yearly dental visits. However other issues like genetics, medications, and certain medical problems can make symptoms of gum disease hard to avoid with simple at-home hygiene, which is why Dr. Okamoto provides the following treatments for periodontal disease:

Root Scaling and Planing – When debris and bacteria accumulate below the gum line, soft tissue can become puffy, enflamed, and irritated. A periodontal deep cleaning targets these areas to efficiently remove plaque and debris around the roots of teeth. This procedure helps to minimize gum recession and halts the progression of periodontitis, as increase of bacteria and plaque can further affect soft tissue health to the point of damaging underlying bone. Deep cleanings are typically completed one section at a time, with treatment areas being split into four sections. With a topical numbing agent, deep cleanings are comfortable.

Antibiotics – When signs of infection must be treated with an additional step to further reduce the presence of bacteria below the gum line, Dr. Okamoto can recommend a course of antibiotics, whether that’s ingested medication, or an antibiotic solution applied on and underneath the gum line. Oral antibiotic solution is applied topically, with no injections required.

Our goal is providing periodontal care in Torrance is helping patients avoid more extensive treatment to correct gum recession and damage to teeth, such as gum grafting or even teeth replacement in severe cases. Drs. Okamoto evaluate for periodontal disease at every dental check-up by looking at pocket depth and recommending treatments based on any problems spots that are detected.

Maintaining a Healthy Smile after Periodontal Treatment

Once symptoms are under control, it’s important to stay on top of your dental health so symptoms do not re-emerge or worsen. This may include more frequent dental visits, additional rounds of topical antibiotics, or even the use of special dental tools to keep gums clean and healthy between visits, such as a gum stimulator, water pick, or floss threaders, depending on existing dental work patients must clean around or if they struggle with traditional flossing.

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If you have noticed signs of gum disease in your own smile, or if you’re due for a check-up, contact our office today for you next appointment. Our friendly dentists and team are here to ensure that your smile is safeguarded from periodontitis with thorough, gentle care. 

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