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While trends in dental technology come and go, dentures have long been many patients’ go-to choice for replacing teeth. Made to take the place of one tooth, several, or even a full arch, dentures are removable and can be made from a variety of materials to suit your needs for aesthetics and durability. At the dental office of Drs. Steven and Michelle Okamoto, our restorative dental treatments include dentures in Torrance, CA.

Dentures: Affordable Teeth Replacement

Removable full and partial dentures are typically patients’ first choice for teeth restoration as they are the most cost-effective way to fill the gaps in your smile caused by tooth loss or accidental tooth avulsion. As dentures have been in existence for decades, there are any number of ways to fabricate prosthetics to fit patients’ needs, whether that’s through flexible partials or sturdy new teeth with a metal framework. At our dental office, dentures are fitted to ensure that your new smile is as comfortable as possible. Our patients choose dentures, as the process for restoring your smile with this treatment is:Dentures

Non-Invasive – Fitting patients for and placing a removable denture does not require extensive, invasive treatment. There is no downtime or healing required to receive dentures.

Customizable – Advancements in the ways dentures are made had changed over the years, to include partials made of flexible yet durable plastic. Dentures can also be created from acrylic, resin, and metal to protect fit, feel, and aesthetics.

Economical – More complex procedures typically includes costs that patients do not think about beforehand, but with dentures, there are no surgical expenses to cover.  Impressions are made of your smile so that prosthetics can be created to fit well, but there is typically no other cost to cover in your treatment plan that the cost of the prosthetic. Depending on coverage, dentures may even be partially funded by your insurance plan.

Our Torrance dentist, Dr. Steven Okamoto, is a specialist in the art of replacing teeth through prosthetics, which includes the application of dentures. Whether you are looking for full or complete denture services, our team has the skills and experience to help.

Fixed Denture Alternatives

In the event that patients are qualified and interested in further customizing their denture treatment to create a more secure attachment for replacement teeth, Drs. Okamoto provided implant-supported dentures as well. While this denture alternative does involve the surgical placement of implant posts, we can provide this service directly at our office and can keep implant placement minimal to make care affordable and to create a stronger attachment for your dentures than denture paste.

Our fixed denture services include overdentures with two implants or All on 4 treatment for a more permanent option.

Ask about your Denture Options – Call our Office Today

If you’re curious about what denture solutions may work best for you, contact our Torrance, CA prosthodontist today for more information about restoring your smile.

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