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If you’re about to undergo therapy for cancer, the health and protection of your teeth may be the last thing on your mind. However certain treatments, like radiation, that are beneficial for the eradication of cancerous cells, can also be hard on your body and overall wellbeing. No one recovering from cancer treatment wants to then worry about needing dental treatment, which is where our dental office steps in.

At Steven K. Okamoto, DDS, Inc., we offer pre-cancer dentistry for patients about to begin their radiation therapy program or who have experienced dental side effects of cancer and its treatments. Pre-cancer dentistry at our Torrance dental office is preventive in nature and helps to ensure your smile and your comfort are protected.

Pre-Cancer Dentistry with Drs. Steven and Michelle Okamoto

Chemotherapy saves lives, but it isn’t as kind to teeth or patient’s overall dental health, which is why seeing a dentist before you begin radiation therapy is important. Dental side effects of cancer treatment can include tooth decay, mouth sores, and dry mouth, which itself promotes decay. But Drs. Okamoto can design a plan of care for your smile that helps to minimize these effects and preserve the state of your smile, including:Pre-Cancer Dentistry

Pharmacy Compounding - We work to find dental solutions that are most appropriate to your needs before and during your cancer treatment by individualizing medication. Working with your oncologist, we can provide recommendations for mouthwashes that help to alleviate dental problems that occur with cancer treatment -- this customized process is called pharmacy compounding and is available for our pre-cancer patients.

Dental Restorations - If Drs. Okamoto find areas on teeth that require treatment, they can place a temporary prosthetic over affected teeth that helps to protect against further damage during the radiation process. Once cancer therapy is complete, we can provide permanent and long lasting restorations that help you regain a healthy and beautiful smile.

Maintenance of Dental Health - It may not be possible to provide full and comprehensive treatment for all dental conditions before patients enter into their chemotherapy program, which is why we keep a close eye on managing current dental health problems until more complete treatment can be provided. For our Torrance pre-cancer dentistry patients, this may include caring for their most severe outstanding dental problems and preventing the progression of other issues until cancer treatment is complete.

We know there are many professionals involved in protecting your health and well-being during cancer treatment, which is why we work as a team with your oncologist and other doctors to ensure you are provided with all support you need to feel well and enjoy better health.

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If you have questions about what you or a loved one should be doing to care for their smiles before beginning cancer treatment, contact our office to speak to a member of our team. Preserving healthy and strong smiles for our patients in all circumstances is our goal and motivation.

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