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Dental implants provide a versatility that many other restorative treatments cannot match. Whether a tooth was lost due to several failed root canals or you’ve experienced a traumatic injury, there is an implant solution to meet your needs. Okamoto DDS provides the most effective and popular implant services available to restore your health and wellness.

To learn more about our Torrance dental implant treatment options, read below.

How Can Our Dentists Restore your Smile with Permanent Teeth Implants?

Single Tooth Replacement

This treatment is ideal for patients who have had one or more teeth dislodged in an accident, or for those who had a failing tooth extracted. Single tooth replacement is provided when lost, or removed teeth are not positioned in a row; dental implants are placed one-by-one and restored with beautiful dental crowns to complete your smile. The loss of even one tooth can have a negative domino effect on your oral health overall, which is why it’s so important to seek a comprehensive replacement for even one lost tooth.

Multiple-Unit Implant Restorations

While traditional dental bridges are a popular restoration, many patients do not like that surrounding, potentially healthy teeth, must be shaved down so the bridge can be cemented in place. Implant-supported bridges solve this problem by supporting the restoration with multiple implant posts. If a group of teeth is missing, regardless of the location, Dr. Okamoto can place two or more dental implants to anchor a multiple unit bridge. This treatment does not negatively impact surrounding teeth or tissue but improves oral health.

Full Smile Reconstruction with Dental Implants

Complete tooth loss is exceptionally challenging, even if you currently use traditional dentures. But Dr. Okamoto offers permanent dentures in Torrance to provide patients with smiles that look and feel natural. Through implant overdentures (removable), hybrid dentures (fixed and non-removable by the patient), and the All-on-4 treatment concept (specialized, permanent full-arch bridges), we can completely restore upper and lower arches.  These implant treatments allow you to enjoy your favorite foods, as well as benefit from the confidence in knowing that your dentures will not slip out of place.

Ask Our Torrance Dental Specialist about your Implant Options!

As a prosthodontist, a dental specialist who trained in replacing teeth, Dr. Okamoto has the necessary skill to restore your smile. Whether you’re missing one or all teeth, our dental implant solutions can provide important improvements to your health, appearance, and well-being.

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