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Having a bright white smile can make anyone feel good about the way they look.  But teeth are often discolored by the food we eat, coffee drinking, smoking cigarettes, or even simple aging. While there are several ways to professionally bleach your teeth for a whiter smile, one of the most trusted brands in teeth whitening is Zoom! By offering same-day teeth bleaching with Zoom! in Torrance, CA, Drs. Steven and Michelle Okamoto can help patients see brighter smiles in just one office visit.

How Does Zoom! Whitening Work?Teeth Whitening in Torrance, CA

Zoom! uses a teeth bleaching gel, that is activated by a special light, to help break down stains on teeth. Unlike a product you might purchase over the counter, Zoom! contains professional strength ingredients that are capable of whitening your smile in under an hour.

During your whitening appointment, Dr. Okamoto will apply and activate the whitening gel in a few short sessions – usually 15 minutes at a time. During the whitening process, soft tissue is not affected, so you won’t have to worry about the whitening treatment irritating your tongue or gums. After your appointment, you can expect to have a smile that is around four shades whiter.

We’ll also provide you with a touch-up kit that you can use at home to maintain long-lasting results. This kit includes smile trays and the professional Zoom! bleaching gel for use once every six months.

The Benefits of In-Office Teeth Bleaching

The most obvious advantage of same-day teeth whitening at our Torrance, CA dental office is the virtually immediate results. For many patients, drugstore products like whitening toothpaste, rinses, and strips offer hit-and-miss results. Having to apply these products each day without the guarantee of dramatic results may not be a routine that you’re willing to keep up with.

Zoom! teeth whitening creates brighter smiles in just one dental visit. There are no messy, ineffective whitening strips, and no slowly developing results. If you walk into our dental office with stained teeth, you can leave an hour later with a bright white smile.

Zoom! Whitening and Cosmetic Restorations

Teeth whitening treatment is often used in conjunction with full cosmetic dental restorations performed at our office. While cosmetic treatment and restorations can include fillings, bridges, and dental implants to restore full smiles and healthy teeth, no smile makeover is complete without making sure your teeth look fresh and white, as well.

Torrance Teeth WhiteningBefore applying certain restorations like veneers and crowns, we can use Zoom! to brighten your natural teeth, and create tooth-colored restorations to match. The result is a strong and beautiful smile that is the picture of oral health.

Could Your Smile Use a Boost? Contact our Torrance Zoom! Dentist

Even if your teeth are healthy, it can be hard to smile with confidence if they’re discolored. Drs. Steven and Michelle Okamoto offer same-day teeth whitening in Torrance, CA to deliver the whiter smile you’ve been hoping for. Contact our office to learn more about cosmetic treatment and how Zoom! can help brighten your teeth.

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