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Dental implants prove to be a life-changing procedure for patients with missing teeth. The benefits of restorative dentistry with implants include greatly improved chewing function and permanently stabilized prosthetics. In order to receive implants however, it’s important that patients are in good health and can successfully support surgical placement of the implant. For those patients who need some extra care before an implant can be placed, Dr. Okamoto offers bone grafting for dental implants in Torrance, CA.

How Bone Grafting Helps Implant DentistryBone Grafts and Dental Implants in Torrance

A dental implant has a base made from a titanium post. The post is surgically placed into bone in your jaw, to act like a substitute tooth root. Implants are so sturdy because the post actually integrates with bone, but for the integration to successfully occur there needs to be enough bone at the implantation site.

For patients with poor bone quality, a bone grafts helps to build-up supporting tissue in the area, so that the implant can firmly take hold and better support a dental crown, bridge, or denture.  Placing implants in areas with poor bone quality is not recommended, as this can contribute to loose implants and implant failure.

How Do I Know if I Need a Bone Graft?

Generally speaking, patients who need bone grafts may fall into any of the following categories:

• Cancer patients
• Life-long smokers
• Patients who have had missing teeth for prolonged periods of time

All of the above situations can lead to bone loss, which would require a graft to correct. Some patients may not even realize they’ve lost bone as a result of health conditions or lifestyle choices, but Dr. Okamoto can help determine the quality of bone in your jaw before moving forward with treatment.

In the event that you need a bone graft, our Torrance dental office has a dedicated area just for oral surgery. Dr. Okamoto has received specific training in bone grafting to support successful implant treatment for his valued patients. When you visit our office, you can feel comfortable knowing that you are in the care of a qualified and trained implant dentist.  

If You’ve Experienced Bone Loss, You Can Still Get Dental Implants

Our office proudly supports comprehensive full-mouth reconstruction with dental implants and pre-treatment with bone grafting. If you need a dental implant for improved oral function and overall wellness, but are experiencing poor bone quality, it’s possible to get the care you want. For more information on bone grafting and implant dentistry, contact Dr. Steven Okamoto to schedule your consultation.

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